This Blog will host articles about the Bible.  The following is the basic information  I will be using.  There may be a few changes but they will not alter the basic message, only the format. 

I have to update my information regarding “new” discoveries as well as newly afforded  information.  I also need to update the language modules for the system I am using for the Series. 

Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin characters, letters and marks such as jots and tittles are unique to each language and discrepancies can allow for mistakes in language translation that will almost always render improper and erroneous interpretations.

You may view the full OUTLINE in the next article which will be titled, THE OUTLINE.

Bible – bī´b’l, (βιβλία, biblía)

I.    The Names
II.    Languages
III.    Compass and Divisions
IV.    Literary Growth and Origin – Canonicity
V.    Unity and Spiritual Purpose – Inspiration
VI.    Addenda